'I want you to know how much I appreciate your seminar recordings. I have almost the whole set and have listened to them at least three times each. As I learn more in homeopathy my listening appreciation only increases.'

Tara Robertson, Canada

About Me

I have studied and practiced natural healing methods all of my adult life, starting with the Bach Flower Remedies which I discovered while still a teenager. I then trained as a reflexologist and began to understand how energy healing works, and in 1988 I qualified as a homeopath and opened my first homeopathic practice in Leeds. I subsequently wrote several books on homeopathy and was invited to lecture throughout the U.K. and overseas. In 1993 I co-founded The Lakeland College, offering a unique training course in homeopathy and holistic health. I also presented hundreds of seminars to student and practitioner groups, some of which were recorded and are now available to download through this website.

Since 2003 I have practiced and developed a method of self-healing which I call 'release work'. The method incorporates various techniques that I have found to be effective in helping people to overcome emotional blockages, transform limiting beliefs and to achieve a greater alignment with their true self. Currently I work mostly with small groups intensively in a residential retreat setting, as I have found that the group field effect amplifies and enhances release work in many respects.

About the Recordings

I first began recording my live seminars in 1996, having realized that many of the things that had helped me the most in practice were not being widely taught in homeopathy colleges. The feedback I received about these early recordings was overwhelmingly positive, so I was encouraged to continue.

Initially the recordings were made available as audiotapes (remember those?). These were later digitized and transferred to CDs. With the arrival of broadband, I decided to convert them into mp3 format so they could be downloaded directly to a home computer and played on iPods and the like.

In recent years I have been recording my talks and seminars using digital equipment with a noticeable improvement in sound quality, although the unpredictable nature of live recordings remains unchanged.

The topics cover a wide range of subject areas, with the majority of my early seminars having a distinctly homeopathic flavour. As my work has developed over time to include other healing modalities, these changes are reflected in the more recent recordings.

About my Work

One of my passions from the very beginning has been the development of those internal qualities that I believe are an essential component of any healing work: compassion, trust, intuition, authenticity and self-awareness. If I seem to over-emphasize these elements, I make no apology for that. In the words of Carl Jung,
'It is what you are that heals, not what you know.' It is one thing to learn a healing technique such as homeopathy, but it is another thing to become a healer, such that you embody the spirit of what you have learned and are able to apply it confidently in your own unique way.

These days, I work exclusively in the fields of self-healing, personal transformation and inner growth. To me, this is a natural extension of all that I have learned and practiced previously, and the new recordings just released will bring you up to date with some of my recent explorations.

Whatever your interest, I trust that you will find these seminars helpful as you progress on your life journey, whether for your own benefit or to enhance your practitioner skills.

I have an ongoing programme of 'live' seminars, talks and retreats, full details of which can be found on my
main website. If you have any questions or comments, please send me an email.

Ian Watson